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Nomadic Cloud

Futurist Film Award presented by Futuramic

Oct, 2018. The Nomadic Cloud has won the second prize (Futurist Film Award presented by Futuramic) in the Project Mars Competition organized by NASA. The video will be screened at multiple locations, including NASA visitor centers, NASA museum consortium members, micro cinemas, and other interested venues beginning in late Fall 2018 and continuing through 2019. Details

AUD 401 // 2017 Spring

Group Design Project

Critic: Professor Güvenç Özel

This studio seeks to develop the fundamental designs and technological ideas necessary to manufacture an off-world habitat using mission recycled materials and local indigenous materials. Our habitat will accommodate a NASA crew of four, who will be the first humans ever to step foot on Mars in 2035. The Nomadic cloud is a movable lightweight structure that can be used as an exploration equipment as well as a living space. The structures and the skin of the habitat will be made with either 3D-Printed aerographite or graphene membrane, which can be produced from Mars directly using tools brought from Earth. We will use water as the fundamental material to change the stiffness of our structure depending on its state - from ice to gas.


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