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 Telepresence - DRACO

AUD 289 // 2017 Winter

Group Design Project

Critic: Benjamin Ennemoser/ Mertcan Buyuksandalyaci


This objective of this technology seminar is to develop an end-effector for the KUKA robots that can be controlled real-time by users during the fabrication process. We monitored this fabrication process with a virtual reality headset and designed a feedback system as an augmented reality application. The augmented reality application serves as a responsive platform that indicates the status, parameters, and guidelines for the whole process. 

We focused on wax melting as our strategy to create an object that will be created partly by human decision and partly by sensors feedbacks. We have designed an end-effector tool using servo motors and 3D printing technique that is capable of spraying cool mist and hot flames, which can be controlled and trigger by the Vive Headset and Controller. 

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