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 Stellaris One

ARCH 484 // 2014 Fall

Individual Studio Project–evil villain hideaway 

Critic: Professor Stephen Duff


Located at the Northwest coast of the Pyramid Lake, Nevada, Stellaris One is surrounded by mountains at three sides and a lake (190 sq miles) in front of it. These natural barriers and its remote location provide a safe and secure spot for the client who do not wish to be disturbed by the outer world. The nearest city, Reno, NV, is located 60 miles away, which makes this area a place free of light pollution, and thus an excellent location for astronomers and stars-observers. The lake is famous for its tufa formation, other tufa formation can be found near the area such as Mono Lake, California as well. Since the Pyramid Lake is remotely located, there are not much visitors all year around, which allows the client to enjoy the tranquility of the lake privately. Stellaris One can be reached by driving along the Pyramid Hwy (445) then a distance of off-road at the end or by air.


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