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 Soft Robotic Arm

AUD 403A // 2016 Fall

Group Design Project

Critic: Benjamin Ennemoser, Mertcan Buyuksandalyaci

In this seminar we designed a robotic couture for the small robots in the IDEAS Lab in the form of a functional prosthetic. The focus is a scenario where soft- robotics are combined with hard or rigid robotics and how they interact with a geometrical object. In this case, the small robotic arms serve as site for our design and the task is to equip or extend them like a tool or gripper.


The soft extensions, which we designed, have to incorporate the possible movement of the rigid robots and combine the properties of soft and rigid. The prosthetic extension we design, has to interact with a distinct object with a particular geometry and topology. We focus on how the final design and object of our robotic extensions are articulated due to the interaction with the distinct geometrical object. This interaction can be based on lifting, rotating, wrapping, deforming or gripping.

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