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 Rivas Pavilion

AUD 401 // 2016 Summer

Group Design Project

Critic: Julia Koerner, Mertcan Büyüksandalyaci, Marta Nowak, Eui-Sung Yi, Steve Lee


This studio focuses on tooling, geometrical analysis, and fabrication - as means of literal translation. While the studio will focus on the architectural and urban translation of the system. The tools and techniques will be common between both courses.

The studio is divided into two phases and starts with an initial study of one morphological design-research topic. There are 20 topics available for selection, which are related to geometrical intricacy found in natural phenomenons. Student teams select each one topic and research formal, systematic, structural and metabolic characteristics of the morphology.


This phase is to investigate and research the topic in detail. We also focused on fabrication and building a morphology of models representing the investigated topic and develop a design for a transforming pavilion.

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