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ARCH 484 // 2015 Fall

Individual Studio Project–Evolo Competition

Critic: Professor Nancy Cheng


Located at the south of China and in the middle of the Pearl River Delta area, Shenzhen is a fast growing city with a population of 12.5 million. The population is forecast to increase in the next few decades, which will in turn increase the need for new social infrastructures and facilities, pollution will be a huge issue in this fast-growing city too. In this project, the main idea is to create a temporary community that can sustain itself, so that people can move in when the severely polluted “Old Cities” are being cleaned up and healing in a futuristic time. These structures are able to grow and spread out to connect with other similar structures to adapt to an ever-growing community. The supporting areas are divided into five different sections, each have its own configuration and functions, together, they will help sustain a community.


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