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 Maritime Makers

arch 485 // 2016 Winter - 2016 Spring

Individual Studio Project–Portland’s Makers Space

Critic: Professor Nancy Cheng


The Willamette River, a major tributary of the Columbia River, served as an important piece of history and development of Portland. The river was a critical transportation route in the 19th Century, it is also part of the Willamette Valley, which is one of the most fertile agricultural regions in North America. To celebrate this natural resource, the best way is to experience it firsthand - to sail on it. Maritime Makers aims to provide a portal for people to learn and get in touch with the river, either learn about it or create tools that will help them to experience it. The building will provide an indoor wooden boat makers space for the public, a museum that is dedicated to the Willamette River, a Maritime Scientific Research Laboratory, some office spaces and an observation deck.


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