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 Kesey Square

LA 439 // 2015 Spring

Individual Studio Project–redesigning kesey square

Critic: Professor Ronald Lovinger

The aim of this project is to renovate the current square into a more attractive space for visitors and the citizens of Eugene, keeping aesthetic, social justice and equality in mind. Instead of designing another building over the site, I attempted to introduce another form of city fabric into this site, emphasizing the future development of Eugene, and at the same time, blending with the local context—the nature. Since the site is located on the axis that links Spencer Butte and Skinner Butte—two important landmarks of Eugene—I decided to create another “Butte” in the middle of Downtown, emphasizing its importance to the city and its people. 

This design focuses on the future of Eugene—10 years, or even 50 years later, with the increasing populations, vertical development might occur, and this project will create a second circulation level above ground, connecting different places in Eugene, providing a more safe and efficient way of traveling for pedestrians and cyclist. This site is the “seed” of the bridge system, as time passes, the bridge will crawl into more places, adapting to the ever changing context of Eugene.   


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