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 Hainan Eco-Island

AUD 401 // 2016 Summer

Group Design Project

Critic: Julia Koerner, Mertcan Büyüksandalyaci, Marta Nowak, Eui-Sung Yi, Steve Lee


In this studio, we speculated about the possibility of an absolute self-sustainable urbanism that can balance and integrate the aims of culture, nature and business to re-claim the importance of intelligent ecology as the advancement of 21st century urbanism.


The studio began with research and the analysis of several key precedents. Simultaneously, we examined the opportunities that emerge from challenging traditional organizational systems within city planning and building typologies. The resulting opportunities and challenges will form the basis for each scheme’s argument and will determine the city’s new urban context.


Within this context, our team proposed a planning strategy to support the multiple agencies of tourism and ecological development. Additional social, cultural and economic metrics will be integrated through policy and infrastructural agendas. By considering the intersections of future transportation, natural ecologies, tourism programming, planning policy regulations, economics and social impact, and the previously proposed development strategies.

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