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 Cyberphysical Cubes

AUD 401 // 2016 Fall

Group Design Project

Critic: Professor Guvenc Ozel


The intent of this studio is to explore the logics and formal outputs of organizational behaviors, through researching specific terminologies and finding precedents in the fields of digital and interactive art, architecture, and industrial design, we have developed a formal language of interactive motion - Folding, Pleating, and Origami. 

In the first three weeks of the studio, we have animated our physical model with the help of KUKA robot arms in our studio. The main goal of this session is to create a coherent architectural prototype that will act as a formal vessel to fulfill a number of idealized conditions related to hierarchy, structure etc... For example in our project is to transform a surface into a volume. 

The latter half of the studio is to turn our physical models into autonomously reactive systems of mixed realities based on the formal and kinematic logics that we have established earlier. We used EMOTIV Epoc+ headset and Electroencephalography to bridge the realities between the physical and digital world, and to allow our physical model to respond to their context through physical transformation and digital interface “intelligently”.  


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