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 1951 E 15th Ave

ARCH 484 // 2015 Summer

Individual Design Project

Critic: Professor Otto Poticha

Located at the intersection of E 15th Ave and Orchard Street, the complex will provide a home for the retired faculty of the University. The site is located east of the University and south of the Willamette River. University facilities, parks, grocery stores and entertainment locations are within walking distance (5 mins to Hayward Field, Walnut Station; 10 mins to Willamette River; 15 mins to Hendricks City Park). 


The complex will provide 20 units and 2 guest rooms with 5 different unit types, including four standalone housing and sixteen apartment units. Three units will have private parking garages and five parking spaces are available for rent. A majority of the units will have a private outdoor garden and their size varies to accommodate different people’s needs.


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